If your child is angry

It may happen that your child, who is before all and always been happy, now due to the fact that something is not liked, is literally "flies into a rage" in the eyes and turns into a small but powerful hurricane. Typically, preschoolers older than three years from scratch is not mad. And if the reason really is, don't be afraid to tell your child that almost all people in varying degrees, angry, and nothing wrong with that.

Teach your child to control his anger, "right" to be angry. For this propose it aloud to articulate the reason for dissatisfaction. And then the child, talking about their immediate feelings, they will be able to realize. And therefore will not suffer from the uncertainty that covers it, along with a strange emotion. The ability to recognize and name emotions by their names allows young children to control their behavior. To parents should intervene at the first signs of "hurricane". Not allowing Chad to do some damage, you teach him to pacify unpleasant emotions for the initial stage.

Older preschoolers may feel angry seemingly for no apparent reason, but because the causes are always there, the parents must encourage the child to recognition. Usually it works, as the 6-7 year old children already know enough to articulate their thoughts and feelings. Through this technique, they are "cool".

If the child is still difficult to articulate the reason for such emotional outbursts, give him a pencil and paper and let him draw, why he is angry. Pairs will be issued to the mutual joy of the parties. It turns out that the area of the brain responsible for self-control in moments when the man speaks the truth, just lies dormant in the vremni as lies, deception and deceit make "brains" to work hard. Scientists came to the conclusion that the contents of the skull liars and dreamers more effectively than truth-seekers.

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