Tidal power plant

The dynamic tidal power requires the construction of the sea dam long enough to tidal influence and reverse flows was effective. The energy of such power stations is produced when water moves through the turbine in either direction. The dam, built in the way of olives or tidal waves, creates a level difference, which is used to rotate turbines.

To power able to work effectively, according to Gijs bath of banning (Gijs van Banning), a leading specialist ARCADIS Nederland BV, it is enough to create the difference in water levels between different sides of the dam, at least 20 – 30 cm.

Unlike traditional projects, such as the Rance tidal power plant in France, which flooded the territory at the mouth of the river, dynamic station does not require the creation of isolated pools, which reduces the load on the environment and will not result in social impacts.

Preliminary studies have shown that the dynamic tidal power plants along the Chinese coast can be with the capacity of 15 GW and even more, which makes the joint energy project one of the largest in the world.

Theoretically, the power of large-scale dynamic tidal power plant dam with a length of 70-100 km can reach 22 GW. According to van banning, the effectiveness of the system depends on the length of the dam.


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