Safe.Space.Buoy - a life preserver from a shark

Scientists have found that sharks see the world in black and white, but a group of designers, which Chiaki Liu (Liu Jiaqi), pang Yi (Yi Pang), Memory Yongling (Zou Yunlin) and Khan little wife (Han Zhenqi) believe that the color orange can save you from a shark attack. On the basis of this release they have created a lifeline Safe.Space.Buoy, able to protect the survivors of accidents on the water through the use of orange lighting.

While the survivors in the water, their ability of self-defense are at a catastrophically low level, even when they wear life vest or use a lifeline. Indeed, in this situation, they are still exposed to many dangers such as sharks and low visibility, which prevents the detection of their rescue team.

Safe.Space.Buoy is equipped with a backlight function numerous lights orange. The user can click on a button to open storage compartment with a network of led lamps, whereby they are released into the water. These lights float around the victim, to deter approaching sharks, at the same time providing excellent visibility, which increases his chances to be spotted by rescuers.

This concept presented at the international professional competition of design for design concepts, ideas and prototypes of the Red Dot Award: design concept. If this project really works, and the orange color is able to scare away the sharks, he is just priceless. As soon as thinking about a fabulous cruise on the ocean, to mind immediately come the terrible thought of a possible shipwreck and even more shocking footage from movies like "the open sea" or "Jaws", and the whole vacation can be ruined with a constant sense of fear. So let's hope the contest judges love to watch the horror about sharks and appreciate this wonderful concept that will allow in the nearest future to implement it.

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