The rozkishna train in India

No train in India can not be compared with the new Maharajas’ Express. This "Palace on wheels" is comparable in service and comfort with 5-star hotels!

Express presented 5 cars Deluxe, 5 — Junior Suite, 2 — Suite and one Grand Presidential Suite.

Each compartment is equipped with climate control, LCD display, DVD player, telephone, Internet access, safety Deposit box and a bathroom. One of the features of the train – advanced pneumatic and hydraulic suspension system, making the ride especially smooth.

Enjoy Indian cuisine at one of the restaurants that can accommodate 42 guest each. For those wishing to enjoy a fancy wine bar Machan. Travel Maharajas’ Express runs between Mumbai, the capital of India Delhi and Calcutta.

The prices vary from 800 to 2,500$. The price includes a place in the coupe, power on the system "all inclusive", drinks, all excursions at stops (including entrance fees, services of guides), and all live entertainment.

The first flight of the "Royal" Express is scheduled for January next year. Depending on the popularity of the project route planning to expand up to the border with Sri Lanka.


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