Lighter, running on solar energy

It is now difficult to calculate how much wood goes into the creation of matches, and how much metal, plastic and natural gas to ensure the operation of the compact lighters. Still a subject of debate that has a smaller ecological footprint – matches of, in General, renewable wood, or lighter – reusable, but are more expensive.

The use of Solar Spark Lighter should finally put an end to this dispute, especially in the sphere of ecological tourism in the Sunny regions of the world. Solar Spark Lighter is a small and inexpensive device that allows you to easily start a fire without the use of special hydrocarbon fuel as it happen when you use matches or lighters. The solar lighter is not afraid of water like matchsticks and does not require a supply of gas or petrol as a modern lighter. To work solar lighters good enough lighting and a small piece of combustible material, you are going to use for a bonfire.

Arranged Solar Spark Lighter is very simple, known to every boy with the principle of focusing the sun's rays on the object ignition. Who among us has not amused a magnifying glass on a Sunny summer days of our childhood?! In this solar lighter is the lens used a metal dish parabolic shape focusing the reflected light on the end of the special holder. The sling holder is inserted a piece of wood, paper, moss, dry alcohol or another solid fuel, and being exposed to the sun, the lighter quickly ignites mounted to the fork object.

A solar lighter is quite compact and has a diameter of 11 cm and fork holder fuel cell optionally formed so that the disc is lighter easily placed in almost any pocket. Solar Spark Lighter is made of stainless steel, so durable, reliable and ready for the most difficult test camping trip. If the reflecting surface is scratch and tarnish can be polished and used for many more years with the same effect as if it were new.

It is clear that the fire, usually required in the evening and use the solar lighter without the sun is impossible. But when you will get wet matches and run out of gas in the lighters, you will be glad to have an infinite alternative source of fire at hand.

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