The waterfall of the eternal flame in new York

In the heart of chestnut ridge Park in new York is a small waterfall called Eternal flame. It's very simple – under the waterfall is a natural gas leak, and at this point is always on fire. The fire is not really "eternal", that is periodically extinguished. It is often re-ignites some tourist, who discovered that the flame was extinguished.

Park chestnut ridge is located on 1213 acres of land in the Northern part of series of hills sandwiched between the Bay 18 mile and valleys West Branch Cazenovia in the County of Erie. The Park is a favorite place for summer family vacation. There are plenty of Hiking trails, Cycling paths, several playgrounds, tennis courts and a Paradise for picnics. Though the waterfall is within the Park, yet located away from the tourist crowds, and you can reach it by footpath from the southern part of the Park.

Approaching the waterfall, the smell of rotten eggs. This is actually the smell of gas seeping between the shale clay. Gases appearing during decay of organic materials within the rocks that are under pressure and are pushed through the cracks and weak areas in the mountains.

One large fissure is located right next to a waterfall in a small cave, which shuts the gas leak from the falling water and wind. So the fire burns for a long time.

In the cave there are two more places where it escapes the gas, but its concentration is very small so it can a long time to burn.

The power of a waterfall depends on the rainfall and melt water. Usually the water is only flowing in early spring or after long rains. The waterfall is 9 meters high and falls on the slopes of the two jets. In a small cave at 1.5 m from the bottom of the Bay is the source of the leak gas which can ignite. As a result, the fire reaches 10-20 cm in height. Sometimes the water hits the fire and it goes out like a candle.

The eternal flame falls is truly one of the most unique in North America and one of the few such places on the planet.


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