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Peter pan didn't wanna grow, because I was sure that adults lose faith in miracles and magic, become boring and very serious. But adults, however, children's enthusiasm look fantastic tales about Harry Potter and hobbits, fairies and dragons, white rabbits and mad hatters, and with great pleasure read to children a good old-fashioned tale. Is it because I continue to believe in miracles and magic? The answer to this question — in a fabulous photo art by French artist Vincent Bourillon (Vincent Bourilhon).

Vincent Bourillon almost 20 years, is no longer a child but not yet an adult. Perhaps in this lies the secret of a fabulous series of his photographs where he talks about his magical dreams that sees every night. Favorite themes the photoart young author — the magical realms of dreams and fantasies, cherished wishes and shooting stars, the fireflies in the night sky, a mysterious jars filled with flickering light, and the life of fairy tale characters that we don't notice because they are already very small and nimble.




Photograph Vincent began at school when he was 15 years old. And in these few years he managed to achieve mastery, which opened doors for him into the world of serious art, put on one stage with recognized masters of photo art. In less than five years of practice, talented young man has earned not only the love of the General public, but also recognition of the masters of this direction in art and also received several awards for participation in major Parisian exhibitions. His work does not remain without attention not only due to the fact that literally permeated with a wonderful sense of magic and fairy tales. The General impression from the pictures of Vincent is so warm, bright and pleasant that they want to look at again and again, smiling everytime, in childhood, when parents read the book with your favorite fairy tales.



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