Aquaponics for kids

Answer the simple question: "Where does the food?" I am sure some dairy blends and food from the supermarket child to find the correct answer will not be easy.

Meccano – set of self-growing plants, Home Aquaponics Kit aims to bridge the apparent gaps in the environmental education of the younger generation.

Let's begin on what is aquaponics at all. We have all heard about hydroponics, the technology of growing plants in nutrient solutions without soil. Aquaponics is even cooler and more efficient. In General is to combine the advantages of the two processes of growing plants and keeping fish. On an industrial scale is an environmentally friendly non-waste technology allowing to simultaneously produce food, both vegetable and animal origin. The set designer clearly demonstrates how aquaponics works. Not only shows but allows the kids themselves to grow plants and aquarium fish.

The initial set of Home Aquaponics Kit includes everything you need for the Autonomous cultivation of lawn grasses, with the exception of water and fish, which must be purchased separately. This is a small desktop aquarium with a small "lawn" on top. The buyer gets the capacity of the aquarium, five pots with pebbles, seeds, plants, feed fish, as well as electric air pump, which is used to supply water from the aquarium to the plants.

The system works in the following way. Fish eat food and produce waste products. Water containing these essential fertilizers, by airlift is supplied to the plant roots. The plants absorb the nutrients (waste products of fish), purified water is returned by gravity to the aquarium.

The process is repeated continuously until, until the fish is food. Thanks to the plants in the "upper garden" aquarium water constantly clean, while the plants are getting enough nutrients for active growth.

Lawn grass is included in the set because it is unpretentious and perfect for children's activities. However, something does not prevent later, when the child has accumulated enough experience in system maintenance, go to an edible salad or beautiful flowers.

Home Aquaponics Kit was developed by company Back To the Roots (Back to basics). Its founders, students Alejandro Velez (Alejandro Velez) and Nikhil Arora (Nikhil Arora) began in 2009 with a similar set up for growing mushrooms on a coffee thick. To launch a new product, the company announced a fundraiser on the website Kickstarter. Of the necessary $100 000 has already collected almost 80%. Former students are willing to accept any assistance in the amount of one dollar.

It is assumed that the price of the kit Home Aquaponics Kit after its appearance on the market will be about $70. Sets of the first series is guaranteed to investors, contributed at least $50.

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