"Almost barefoot": the ergonomic IGUANEYE shoes

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Whatever the comfortable shoes, but nothing compares with the feeling of soft grass or warm sand under bare feet. Running barefoot is healthy and good. That is, if not stones, rough pavement and other amenities of urban life. To recreate the feeling of barefoot walking, while being shod – such a challenging goal set by French designers, the sponsors IGUANEYE.

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IGUANEYE is shoes minimalist design, (reminiscent of a cross between women's ballet flats, galoshes and badly cut sneakers) designed to allow its wearer to move with ease on any surface. At least look "iguana" simply, their anatomy is not primitive.
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IGUANEYE footwear fits the foot like a second skin. "Slippers" made from a single piece of latex, no seams or glue. Idea borrowed from the Indians living along the banks of the Amazon river: they (supposedly) used to dip your feet in the mixture is a natural analogue of the latex, and then "bake" it over the fire. These soles allowed me to not be afraid of thorns and sharp stones.
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The main problem of rubber shoes – a bad smell. What can you do after a hard day in rubber or latex human skin can and capricious. But the creators of IGUANEYE found a way out. First, the "flats" are perforated, and the sole novelty is dotted with special channels for ventilation: each step drives them fresh air, refreshing and cooling your feet. Second, IGUANEYE are complete with special insoles. On 98% consists of natural cork and is also provided with perforations. And this, according to designers, will not give the smell a chance. The surface of the insole is covered with genuine leather bright colors for greater comfort and attractiveness.

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