Polyethylene and ecology: myth or reality

It is no exaggeration to say that almost every citizen of our country and the world (every second for sure) use plastic bags. They have become part of our life, in our life and now we cannot imagine our lives without them, though not often think about it.

According to analysts ' estimates the production of polyethylene bags and sacks will continue to grow. Some, including environmentalists see this as a disaster. From their point of view such a provision would cause irreparable damage to the environment. Is it really so?

Of course, the fact that a significant percentage of garbage daily, "deliver" us to the dumps, and often the streets are made from polyethylene – bags PVD, PND, the "shirts" of the nearby shopping shopping. According to experts, this percentage will soon approach ten. In this regard, many put forward the idea of complete renunciation of the production of such products and return to paper bags, which are more environmentally friendly. However, for some reason not taken into account that in countries all over the world, packaging products made from polyethylene or even HDPE pipe plastic close to the paper. They are more convenient and practical.

That is why full color packages from polymeric materials is not yet out of use. And to think won't be released for a very long time. On the other hand, the problem of sustainability does exist. Not all businesses have a primary polyethylene, which complies with sanitary and hygienic standards, and minimises harmful impacts on the environment. After the transition to the most environmentally friendly raw materials for production of packages, the next step is to dramatically improve the technological process of recycling of plastic products. Do not forget about the processing of polyethylene.

Whatever direction the development of the industry, we should not forget that plastic products are designed to make our lives comfortable and safe.

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