Flight dynamic – from Europe to Australia in 90 minutes


Despite the incessant development of technology, transcontinental flights in these days, it also takes a huge amount of time, tens hours, as a few decades ago. But the German aerospace center claims that it is working on technology flight dynamic, which will allow in the distant future to move from Europe to Australia in just 90 minutes.

Already in 2021 it is planned to finish the development of engines of the S-MAGJET, which will allow aircraft to reach speeds in 3.6 times greater than the speed of sound (which is 4290 miles per hour!) These aircraft can cover the distance between new York and London in just 120 minutes! But, it turns out, this is not the limit! After all, the German aerospace center is working on the flight dynamic technology, which allows to increase the above figures several times!

Flight dynamic is the aircraft of the future, which is expected to its creators, you will be able to fly at a speed of 24 Mach (1 Mach is the speed of sound). 28600 miles per hour! With such speed the aircraft can fly from Europe to Australia in 90 minutes! Of course, to fly flight dynamic will have in the upper atmosphere, at an altitude of 50 kilometers. It is only this plane will have the opportunity to accelerate to the fantastic speed he will not interfere with air resistance and other aircraft.


So the flight flight dynamic will consist of three main steps: takeoff and lift to the desired height using the booster (8 minutes) the main flight at maximum speed, and then a separate descent and landing. So the aircraft will be more like a Shuttle than on a classical aircraft. The basic fuel of the aircraft flight dynamic will be liquid oxygen and hydrogen, so when flying the aircraft will leave only water vapor – no more emissions, including harmful.

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