The deepest cave in the world for sale

The territory is more than 500 000 sq. m. in the Bahamas with the coastal zone and the deepest underwater cave in the Land is for sale.

Dean's blue hole, the deepest of all currently known underwater cave located on the island of long island, for sale at the impressive price of 24 million dollars.

The Agency of the real estate involved in the transaction, said that with the purchase of this unique property the lucky winner will also move a decent plot of land of 540 000 sq. m. coastal area.


In addition to the beautiful scenery of the owner of a unique natural object can boast of famous neighbors. Among the celebrities who own property in the Bahamas, including such persons as johnny Depp, David Copperfield, bill gates, Warren Buffett and Oprah Winfrey.

The area is relatively secluded: there no luxury Villa, but getting there is problematic. Despite this, a unique cave regularly visit hundreds of tourists to admire one of the unrecognized wonders of the world.

The base of the hole, visible from the surface, has a width of 25-35 meters. After diving to 20 meters, the cave expands to a dome with a diameter of 100 meters. The total depth of the cave is 663 meters.


Many divers have chosen this place for training due to its unique structure. Record William Durbridge in 2010, overcame a depth of 100 meters without fins. There spends their classes, a group of freedivers Vertical Blue.


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