Whether coffee keeps?

Caffeine is the strongest stimulant of allocation of gastric juice, gastric patients should be aware of this and avoid drinking coffee on an empty stomach. Have instant coffee, there is an additional drawback: it itself is a drink with high acidity, and therefore often causes heartburn when drinking milk.


The majority of people really believes that if you deprive them coffee, they will be drowsy, and their performance is significantly reduced. But according to scientists from the University of East London, the invigorating effect of drinking a Cup of coffee in fact to a greater extent is only unwavering faith in the individual, but the impact on the human body itself is minimal.

To confirm this theory, conducted experiments, which was attended by 88 people. All of them were from 18 to 47 years, and all of them were big coffee drinkers, drinking at least 2 cups a day.


These people were subjected to tests, which measure the reaction speed and the speed of execution of tasks requiring concentration and a certain tension of the intellect. First, subjects performed all the tasks after several hours did not drink coffee. But in the second part of the tests one of the people received decaffeinated coffee (no caffeine), and the second has a natural coffee. When the first group thought that drinking organic coffee, and the second group on the contrary, was sure that they had decaf coffee.

The other two groups, confident in the absence of caffeine, irrespective of its actual presence or absence in the drink, showed worse results. This outcome of the experiment allowed the scientists to offer the coffee lover to find a different justification for his addiction to coffee than a vigor of body and spirit.

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