Why instant coffee is bad?

Due to daily working routine we can't always find the time for the preparation of natural coffee, that is why it was invented instant coffee. There are two ways of making this coffee: 1. Roasted and ground coffee beans are boiled for four hours in the water until she needs to extract all of its substance, and then passed through a filter and evaporated; 2. dried in vacuum and get coffee granules.

Coffee and the body

Instant coffee is not recommended for people suffering from atherosclerosis, ischemic heart disease, disease of the kidneys, as well as the hyperexcitability and insomnia. Besides, he contributes to gastritis, heartburn and reduce the male potency.

Coffee is a drug

As you know, coffee contains caffeine which is addictive. Instant coffee contains caffeine 50% more than natural. In case of refusal of coffee a person feels the "coffee break", which is the result of drowsiness, confusion, headaches, irritability and nausea.

Coffee is poison

Modern soluble coffee contains only 15% of substances of natural coffee, the remaining 85% consists of impurities, which is used with the aim of reducing the cost of instant coffee. It may be added additives such as barley, oats, cereals, coffee husk, stabilizers and artificial caffeine, also used special flavors. However, all these additives have a negative impact on the human body and can cause health problems (disorders of the heart, liver and stomach).

To determine whether there are in coffee supplements, you just need to put a few drops of iodine in the finished drink. If coffee turns blue, then it contains additives and impurities.

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