The project of the seaside zoo

About the need to expand the Leningrad zoo and the creation of the zoo for large animals, the city government first declared back in the mid 90-ies, but the zoo management was against it. This idea was back in 2006, then for the first time as a potential site for a new zoo called the territory of the Yuntolovo.

The project of the new zoo "seaside" in Saint-Petersburg worked the French team of architects who worked on the project for a French zoo in Vincennes in 2006 and in Helsinki in 2008. This project is based on the concept of proximity to Paleologue. It was developed by Tanant and Jean Christophe Nani from TN PLUS and Beckmann Aldric and Francois N Tepe from Beckmann N Thépé.

The French project is based on the idea o Pangaea — a single continent, which was formed six continents. The construction of the zoo will feature six Islands, occupying площадь93 ha. each will create a familiar animal landscape. For example, two Islands connected glacial area. The authors were guided by the principles of ecoarchitecture, so buildings in the complex of the zoo, in harmony with the environment. Also on site will leave large areas without any development.

In accordance with the selected concept, the territory of the new zoo will be divided into six Islands, which will be erected a covered pavilion. Each zone will correspond to one of the continents of the Earth. It is planned that the construction of the zoo in the Primorsky district of St. Petersburg will be completed before 2014.

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