How to survive in the 30 square metres new York?

Forty five million thirteen thousand eight hundred ninety three

Is it possible to live a full life in the apartment of 30 square meters? New York designers and architects scratching their heads over this issue. They even staged an exhibition of its proposals on how to organize life in such a small space. Forty three million four hundred eighty eight thousand eight hundred ninety six


New York is a very expensive city, real estate prices which are available only earn decent money people. However, demand for housing still exceeds the supply – it is not enough for everyone. And the recent hurricane sandy ultimately exacerbated this problem – tens of thousands of people were left without homes, and therefore are forced to seek temporary refuge within this metropolis.

Forty four million nine hundred sixty three thousand thirty six

The current new York the legislation suggests that the city is unacceptable the construction of apartments with an area less than 37 square metres. Not so long ago, new York mayor Michael Bloomberg said that, apparently, will have to review these rules. The city is desperately short of housing, and therefore will have to lower the bar and reduce the above mentioned figure to figures 30. Then he invited designers and architects to work on options for the organization of residential space in tight areas.

Forty two million six hundred three thousand nine hundred ninety five

Of course, we are very fun to look at these "brave" American experiment. After all, we are in the country tens of millions of people live in far more cramped conditions. However, new Yorkers have yet to work with a similar reduction in living space.

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