What things can be, and what do not want to store in the house

The house is a projection of body and soul. And that is in the house, is tied to our future, desires and our subconscious. Of course, not every thing can benefit. Do a little inventory of your home and get rid of things that can clog the energy of the space. What things can be, and what do not want to store in the house, we learn from this article.

Dried flowers put in a vase and create a peculiar bouquet, promote prosperity, wealth, health and comfort. They neutralize the negative energy. Even more improved energy home flowers and herbs, hanging beams in a particular place or in the backrooms. Remember, before each house of the village bundles of herbs hung from the ceiling or tucked behind lintel. Herbs and flowers are stored in the home and the natural drying, release the energy of health, which protects the home during periods of epidemics.

Your heart cute Slippers are good in General. If they are torn, they should be removed from the house as they attract negative energy. It is prohibited to have in the house and torn clothes. Evaluate old clothing and footwear like this, will you wear it? If you're not, throw them away, you should not store things that you don't already wear, it's never too late to purge cabinets. After all, old things bring to life the anxiety and bustle, and prevent women to get rid of extra pounds.

Live plants, stems that twine wall may not be inside the house. Climbing plants attract a variety of diseases. If the plant is outside the house, from the outside, it helps your home is protected. But if such a plant indoors, then its growth should be organized in such a way that twisted stems form a ball in the pot. You can set the frame of the wire.

The people of our mentality seemed to use pretty, good dishes daily. Expensive, aesthetically pleasing dishes saved for some other ephemeral. And in daily life include crockery old, fragmented, and sometimes nederlanda and nabita. When our personal life goes awry, constantly limping health, everywhere pursue failure. A because the cracks on the dishes reflect the cracks in our lives. The dishes in the house – a symbol of family, prosperity, well-being. If the symbol is in a poor state – we unconsciously copy it. Food, getting into this dish loses its positive power and becomes harmful for health. In the meantime, beautiful sets gathering dust in boxes. Regretting it causes irreparable damage to their health. And are cracked and chipped. And her, as if she was dear to us, immediately should be discarded. It cannot even store in the house. Because of its shortcomings ruin your relationship and your life.

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