Mulberry - health is the whole family

For the older generation — it's the berries from childhood, of growing up, unfortunately, almost unknown exotic. Planting in your garden this tree, you can significantly improve your health and the whole family. In fact, besides the delicious, sweet berries of mulberry used leaves, shoots, bark and roots.

Mulberry in Ukraine began to be put on the orders of Tsar Peter I in Kiev and Kharkiv provinces. Prepared the fragrant juice for the Tsar who was treated for a sore throat, and cutting down was punishable by death.

Black berries are going to the compote. White — juice, honey, mulberry, vodka and coffee. Juice squeeze simply, them berries in a meat grinder to use in dense tissue, or in the press, the juice is filtered and used. The juice of white mulberry need to pour in a wide bowl, preferably aluminum. Cook over medium heat until the juice will not lose two thirds of its volume, stirring occasionally and collecting the foam. You can boil and half, the readiness of the honey is determined by the taste.

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Healing properties of mulberry silk was known in biblical times, due to the content of carotene, organic acids, carbohydrates, and iron salts. Mulberry restores vision, and the Chinese decoction used to treat impotence and to eliminate the kidney failure. If in childhood, the boy had mumps or scarlet fever in his diet must be mulberry log. The powder of the leaves sprinkle the food is for diabetics.

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