Waterproof socks

Water is one of the greatest elements. People absolutely can not exist without water if do not use water for three days, then you will die. But the water that we use not only for that would be to drink, and for other purposes. Good summer vacation for regions in which during the summer time high temperature, and therefore heat, is the stay near the river, lake or sea. It's nice to sit near the shore with friends, warm up in the hot sun, and then to go and freshen up in the water.
Well, if it is all for fun, but if you just like to walk near the river and something there is not specifically dropped, or you are a fisherman and you by some reason need to go down into the water. In this case, either take off your shoes, socks, and climb into the water or urine all fall ill the next day from hypothermia of the feet. Do feet need to be protected, as prostudio they can get sick. A simple cold is not the worst that can happen from hypothermia of the feet. The famous Ukrainian writer Lesya Ukrainka, for example, prostudio in childhood feet, received a very terrible disease – tuberculosis of the bone, and to the end of his days did not get up on his feet. This case not only, in connection with the hypothermia of the feet, many people have lost normal functioning.


According to this, the feet need to be protected! This was possible even in extreme situations thanks to the new waterproof socks. Initially, these socks were designed for people who work in water regions with a low temperature, as they are not only waterproof, but also can maintain a normal temperature, that is, have sort of a "warm-up for feet." Socks made of wool, and externally coated with nylon which provides water-resistance and elasticity of the material.
Before their creation there was Ziplock bags, which were turned into legs for the fact that they did not get wet and not get hypothermic.
The price of socks is higher than the Ziplock bags. This is probably due to difference in technology and with the fact that socks have, after all, more convenient form.

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