Created toothbrush from quickly processed plant materials

Canadian company World Centric has released brush called Compostable Toothbrush. Unlike standard toothbrushes, products of the canadian brand is made from a material based on safe and quickly processed plant material registered under the trade name Ingeo.

First Compostable Toothbrush was designed for travelers who care about the environment. Due to the low cost, biodegradable toothbrush can be used only during the tour, and after to send to the trash.

As you know, standard toothbrushes are made from oil – plastic. Compostable Toothbrush is made from a patented material World Centric Ingeo created on the basis of plant materials.

To date, a toothbrush has only one drawback. The bristles of the subject of personal hygiene is still made from nylon. Manufacturers recommend before you throw the brush into the debris to break off the head and send it for processing. The company's specialists say that you have already created a prototype of a biodegradable material that can replace the nylon, but to date, he has not yet passed the certification in BPI (American society for environmental goods and technologies of the future).

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