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Without a kitchen a house is not a home but just a shelter. The kitchen often gather and spend their meals not only home owners and guests. But despite the fact that in most cases, the family eating in the kitchen, so often a meal is moved to another room, for example, in the living room. What's good to eat near the TV. Some have a habit there, and they just all not so good, if there is no TV, or computer which broadcasts your favorite TV series.
After all, the main purpose of the kitchen is cooking food, not cool. For women the kitchen is just the second work on this, to make it more comfortable and functional is a very important task. But it is not so easy. Here you need furniture to fit the space and instruments to put everything in the right places, and even care about such seemingly small things like lighting. All the little things will create an ideal space for cooking.

If the furniture and lighting is a good think to count everything, what about appliances used in the kitchen, you can take care of "one shot", despite the fact that the appliances in the kitchen quite a lot. This "one shot" is a kitchen system Vestel Assist.
Created this system company Vestel Electronics, in cooperation with the student of the faculty of industrial design of Mimar Sinan. They tried not in vain, as created well, very useful for Housewives thing.

You ask: "And what is this system useful?", and, in response, will know that this system allows simultaneous control of all appliances that are in the kitchen via the touch screen. Touch screen combines the information and the ability to activate the actions of all kitchen appliances. Besides, it is possible to browse various recipes, which allows not worn with a piece of paper in the kitchen when you're cooking something new. Also, you can set the time, which should turn on a particular device.

What may be the disadvantage is that this system requires to keep on the surface of all instruments, but with its size it can not afford any kitchen.
In spite of this caveat, the new kitchen system is very easy to use.

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