Environmental pots for plants

Growing flowers in pots at home not only improves air quality (because we know that any plants can absorb carbon dioxide and provide, in return, oxygen). Flowers are a wonderful addition to the interior design, both externally and inside.

Everyone chooses exactly the colors that he most impressed. Love the roses – enjoy them periodic flowering right at home. You love dahlias – so grow them in your room!

With today's wide choice on the market of Floristics and bring home my favorite flowers absolutely no problem! But for the fact that the flowers were indeed flowers and had a nice view, for them to spend more and special care. Care of each flower is an individual matter. In order to find out exactly how to take care of the flower – no need to be a florist or a botanist. Proper care of the flower can be found in the floral shop, and even online.
No matter how often the flower will need to be watered, and how it will relate to the solar color and temperature – for him it is also important to purchase a quality pot.

The company DesignNobis has come up with a new project aimed specifically at the development of plant pots. Pots from the company DesignNobis are 100% recycling of wood and metal. Each block consists of a simple metal and wooden beams, it can be folded for easy transportation and Assembly. The main goal of this project is to reduce the consumption of wood in the manufacture of plant pots. The final product has a minimalist and stylish design.

These pots are suitable for individual and industrial use, the design of this device allows you to grow plants in the most that neither is comfortable circumstances.


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