How to quickly grow hair?

Many girls want long, beautiful hair. Many of them try to speed up the process of hair growth. And many tried, but do not know how to do it and don't want to believe in the success of such procedures.

So, in order to enjoy long, healthy and beautiful hair, you need a really long time, and a lot of patience and attention to them.

Anyone who loves a fast drying, straightening or Curling your hair will need to abandon such seemingly need devices like hair dryers, Curling irons and straighteners hair. These items are extremely negative effect for hair: dry and hurt them. As a result we get a weak, dull and brittle hair, who even physically can not be dlinnimi curls, so how do a broken. Moreover, brittle hair often, and because of this they seem much shorter than the hair of the same length, but straight, smooth and hydrated.

Secondly, you need to use conditioners for hair. In this case the best remedy is a leave-in conditioner, because it acts longer than regular.

Thirdly, all the shampoos for washing the hair should be moisturizing.

Fourth, look at the tips of the hair. The longer the hair, the "worse" ends: they become dry, often appear such problem as split ends. To overcome this problem the ends of the hair apply olive or almond oil. These little things will help to fight malnutrition of your hair.

The most basic rule – regular trimming of hair ends. Do not regret about a couple of extra inches. Because regular trimming of hair is the key to their beauty and vitality, which will give you the desired length.

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