How to extend the life of donated flowers?

It is a very opportune time for women gifts, flowers, attention. It is very difficult to imagine a woman the eighth of March without at least a small bouquet of flowers. Nice to receive a gift of flowers, and even more happier when they are pleasing to the eye as long as possible.

Today we find out how you can extend the life presented to the bouquet. Every flower has its time of decay. But as it turned out, much depends on the proper care of live composition. For example, rose to her with proper attention, can stand for two weeks. Gerbera – up to two weeks. A little less stable there are tulips and Narcissus. These delicate plants are kept in a cut state for a period of up to five days. For starters, you need to understand that the duration of the life of the bouquet depends on how fresh the flowers were when buying. It is clear that fresh flowers can be identified by their external appearance. They are brighter and more saturated. On the contrary, withered yellowish edges of the leaves and petals and stems up talking about signs of wilting. Most popular tulips. If they are not revealed – buy immediately, they are fresh.

As for the question about the continuation of life has already donated or bought a bouquet, then there are plenty of useful tips. Here are some of them.

1. Water for flowers should be boiled or settled. The temperature should be room.

2. Before you omit the bouquet in water, the stems should be cut. The cut should be oblique. You can also split the stem to allow water to better absorb the whole plant.

3. In any case, the water should not be the leaves and thorns. You need to cut off the excess, otherwise the flower will soon decay.

4. Tulips love cold water. They are often "cool" ice cubes.

5. Podzhivit bouquet, you can use sugar. Sweet water love those tulips, daffodils, roses, lilacs, cloves.

6. If you wish podzhivit flowers, different kind of drugs for cut flowers you can find in any flower shop.

7. The flower vase must not be put in a warm place, whether it is the heaters or the sun.

8. The water in the vase should be changed every day, while to spray the leaves and stems of the plant.

9. Flowers should be cut every day so they can better vpityvat water.

If you will apply good care for flowers, they will please you not only for the holidays!

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