Private Mars mission in 2018

Space agencies of different countries, including America and Russia, openly talking about his work on the Mars program, whose goal is a human landing on the Red planet. There are also plans by a private organization, the Inspiration Mars Foundation, which plans to implement its launch in 2018.


In 2001, American businessman Dennis Tito became the first space tourist, that is, a person whose flight to orbit has not paid the state and private capital. Since it is financing different projects in the space industry. For example, recently announced the creation of the Inspiration Mars Foundation whose goal is to launch the piloted spacecraft to Mars. The launch of the spacecraft scheduled for January 5, 2018 – the so-called "orbital window". When the unit is started the day you receive the unique opportunity to fly at the minimum of the trajectory. The next time such a coincidence will fall only in 2031.

The ship, launched Inspiration Mars, will land on Mars, but only fly past him. This allows you to use a minimum of resources during flight and to simplify the structure of the spacecraft. According to plans, Inspiration Mars, the Mars Mission will consist of only two people – men and women, preferably of the spouses who have been married for several years. Because they have to spend 501 days together (the last flight), and is a complex challenge for the human psyche. Therefore, the astronauts have to be completely psychologically compatible.

The financing of the Mission from Inspiration Mars will be funded by personal funds of Dennis Tito, as well as attracted from the money received from sponsors and commercial sponsors. The project cost is not disclosed, however, according to experts, it can reach about 1 trillion us dollars. However, experts in space flight, are skeptical about the initiative and from the Inspiration Mars Dennis Tito. They argue that modern technology does not allow for the 2018 mission to Mars, a team of two people will not be able to cope with the psychological load of 501 days alone with each other.

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