The sensational discovery of the real cause of the wrinkles!

The appearance of wrinkles and General "sagging" of the persons involved in changes in the facial bones of a man.
Not long ago, American experts on aging have determined that people are old their bones. Experiments showed that as the aging bones of the face gradually lose volume and the face itself is reduced in size, and the skin begins to SAG. David Kahn, an expert from California, said about bone resorption and thinks that it is time to think about how to combine conventional braces with the tools and procedures that will add volume to the face. This discovery dispels the opinion that wrinkles appear only due to the decrease in elasticity of soft tissues.

Now, scientists believe that one of the biggest problems encountered by women is a sharp aging of the skin. In particular, the representatives of the European race. Fortunately, modern medicine is revolutionary and absolutely safe way of rejuvenation and tightening. What delivery and equipment installation in our days is very relevant. Women are more likely to visit salons and parlors are even satisfied at home, buying equipment.

"Soon will begin a new skull implant in the body and it tighten the skin because the bones are to blame for the aging" — ironically, a user on Twitter.
Cosmetologists believe that this will not come up, as new ways of skin rejuvenation and beauty equipment are now on top.

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