The greenest street on the planet

You think you're living on the green street on the planet? Sure that large trees near the Windows of your apartments the most powerful and incredible? You are glad that most of all pleasing my eye the surrounding beauty, and that your lungs only absorb unusually pure and fragrant air of nature? Whatever. The title of the surprisingly leafy streets has long been belongs to the one in Brazil.

The most densely planted big trees along the street is difficult for us to pronounce the name of Rua gonçalo de Carvalho. Famous for such an unusual "green tunnel" Porto-Alegro, which is also the capital of the Brazilian state of Rio Grande do Sul. Street attractive and mesmerizing greenery. Throughout its length, densely growing tall trees, the crowns of which rise to the level of a seven-story building.

The trees began their growth even back in the 1930-ies, when was imprisoned by the Germans, which at that time workers in the nearby brewery. All the beauty of the "tunnel" appreciated even the world's biologists, who officially gave her the title of most beautiful in the world. In addition, Rua Goncalo de Carvalho is the subject of great tourist interest.

But, with respect to the Brazilian business, he underestimates the uniqueness of the place. In fact, in 2005, Odin large Brazilian construction company has planned to cut down trees in favour of construction of the latest shopping center. But thanks to local residents who immediately came out to protest. Nature was saved. It was after this incident, the mayor of Porto Alegro street awarded the title of "natural and historical landmarks".


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