Most green street in the world

Street Gonçalo de Carvalho (Rui Goncalo de Carvalho), located in the capital of the southernmost Brazilian state of Rio Grande do Sul, Porto Alegre. According to unconfirmed legend, trees were planted in 1930.

Moreover, planting trees is not engaged locals, and brewery workers, most of whom were Germans.

The total length of the green street is about half a kilometer.

The exact number of trees is unknown but it is assumed that they are more than a hundred.

Some trees grow up to the seventh floor.

In 2005, the year, construction on the street Gonçalo de Carvalho large shopping center could lead to changes joyless streets.

Campaign in support of the preservation of its original appearance, with the success was won.

Locals read Rui Goncalo de Carvalho not only the greenest and most beautiful street in the world.


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