10 unusual uses of sugar

Of course, we all know that sugar is a very necessary thing in the house. We add to tea or coffee, use for baking desserts and such things. But sugar, it is truly a unique product in the domestic environment can be used to advantage not only for your favorite drinks. 1. If you mix sugar + vinegar = the prolongation of life donated you a bouquet of flowers.

To add to the water in the vase a few tablespoons of sugar and then vinegar to improve the condition stems and prevent the growth of harmful bacteria. 2. Sugar + any oil = it's just a wonderful way to wash away the grease from the hands. This mixture of water will help better than any soap. 3. Sugar + cosmetic aroma oil = good, natural scrub for the skin.

Massage your body with a mixture of aroma oils and sugars — this will give you many of the ideal delicate skin. 4. Sugar + lipstick = as a result of the lipstick stay on the lips much longer. Sprinkle just painted the lips with sugar, lightly lick them, and can verify this personally. 5. Sugar great help if the lipstick or gloss does not want exactly lie on the lips.

You need to mix sugar with olive oil, apply to lips, wait 30 seconds, then rinse off and apply lipstick, it will be much easier. 6. Sugar perfectly removes strong odors and colors, so you can easily use it when you clean a coffee grinder or spice mill. 7. Burned my tongue? Not a problem! Spoon with sugar on the tongue will help to remove the pain from the burn. 8. And sugar is a great stain remover: soak the stain, sprinkle with sugar and leave for an hour or two, be surprised with the result. 9. Many do not know, but sugar has a sufficiently strong antibacterial properties, kills germs that prevent the healing of wounds.

Dressing with sugar absorbs moisture, and does not allow bacteria to multiply. 10. If the reception accompanies spicy foods are not pleasant consequences — a spoonful of sugar will help soothe irritation of the mucous membrane of the stomach quickly and successfully.

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