The tallest girl in the world

The world's tallest girl – 18-year-old Aliani-da-Cruz-Silva. Her height is of 2.04 meters. She lives in Salinopolis. Girl Dating a 22-year-old boy Franciynaldo da Silva, whose height is 1,62 meters.

Aliani takes a kind of form of gigantism, which came from a tumor on the pituitary gland. The doctors fixed position, but the growth of girls at the age of 17 has remained the same.

Fifty two million one hundred thirty eight thousand two hundred ninety eight

Teenage girl wants to become a model. Her boyfriend commented: "I liked his personality, how he behaves with people and his attitude towards me. I don't like is that when we go hand, people believe that he's my younger brother or son."

Franciynaldo work on the construction site. His friends often ask questions about how he hugs her,

but the guy always says that love knows no barriers. "She is a wonderful person. Yes, she's tall, but very cute, she has a pretty face. I do not mind her height".

The girl was uncomfortable to ride the school bus, and she later left the school because of the teasing of his year.

Seventeen million three hundred seventy two thousand three hundred seventeen

Aliani, lives in a small house with her sisters and mother Ana Maria Silva and step-father Luiz Jorge.

"I want to be like all the others — according to her mother. – I feel that sometimes she's embarrassed".

Due to the rapid growth of Alesani often migraine and pain in the limbs.

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