Gregory da Silva - African Mad Hatter

In the world there is a man whose eggs did this mad hatter. And it is - Gregory da Silva, African comedian who found a way to attract the attention of the public. Yes, and how not to zasmotretsya man whose color 1000 eggs!

Genre street comedian in something easier, and in some ways and harder than cabaret performances. So, Yevgeny Petrosyan in his usual suit to crush street no one would have noticed ... no, Petrosian would still be noticed. But less flashy joker should definitely gain attention for his suit. African street actor Gregory da Silva (Gregory Da Silva) studied the programmer, but the call of the soul went into artistic career. He lit a long time the people of Benin, street shows, but real fame came only after he thought of wearing a hat on his head in 1000 (most likely, in fact there are 1024) of eggs.

Mad Hatter, or otherwise, Eggman («egg man") became the go all over the city in Africa, gathering the fruits of the Audience Award, and in Cape Town even landed in jail! This is a success.

Exotic headdress Mad Hatter weighs 25 kilograms. Turn your head in such megashapke very difficult, and light crowd - and even more so, but da Silva, as they say, copes. He has a popular fansite, his photographs went around the world, and its remarkable hat even came this year in the Guinness Book of Records! Its success Mad Hatter explains that egg - a symbol of life and positive Africans.

However, the past few days have been for him not quite so successful. Speaking in Germany, the actor earned a heat stroke and a few minutes lost consciousness. But waking up, he found his hat! Obviously, it was stolen. I wonder how long a person goes unnoticed, styanuvshy hat at the Mad Hatter?



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