Who benefits from seaweed?

The beneficial properties of sea Kale noticed and described since ancient times. Modern science has only clarified and systematized the knowledge. Kelp is one of the most important sources of iodine. As this substance is best absorbed by the human organic ingredients, seaweed is an indispensable supplier. In General, the iodine is contained in the other inhabitants of the sea depths. But algae have the amazing ability to pull out of the water and accumulate nutrients to the maximum.

Seaweed holds the record for the iodine content. That is why it is often used for the treatment of diseases of the thyroid gland. It is believed that if a sudden craving for seaweed, his body lacks iodine or vitamins. Therefore, you should not deny yourself this small pleasure.

Eleganty that are also contained in the seaweed, is a natural substance able to bind and excrete toxins, radionuclides, heavy metals and excess cholesterol. By the way, alginates are also used in the food industry: they are added to foods to give them the desired thickness. Alginates are denoted using a letter code E, which we have always associated with various chemical additives. In fact, not all additives are harmful, E-400, E-401, E-402 E-404 E-406 E-421 is a natural alginates, which are contained in the fibers of kelp.

In itself, seaweed is a harm not be held unless it is not extracted from areas with strong water pollution. Kelp absorbs not only useful, but also any harmful substances contained in the water. Therefore, you should know where extract laminaria.

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