The camera Flexer liquid lens

In 2005 in France was presented for the first closed presentation of the technology of "liquid lenses". Later in 2007, was created the camera based on liquid lenses. Liquid lenses have been introduced in production mobile devices. But they were small in diameter 7-10 mm. These lenses are unable to allow photography in high resolution. After several years of development, finally found the perfect solution.

Flexer is a digital camera with a flexible lens and liquid lens. The lens can change its shape. This allows you to cover a wide angle closeup.


The basis for the liquid lenses is water (but in fact, may be any conductive liquid). It "locks" between the two drops of water-repellent substances (oils). This design is surrounded by a shell of glass or durable plastic. Due to the chemical properties of the oil or water is not mixed, as the oil is a hydrophobic substance, so additional partitions separating them is not required. Further the liquid is fed some small voltage due to its exposure to water droplets change their form. The water does not require any other third-party interference, such as heating, change of density etc the higher the applied voltage, the more elongated it becomes straw. Lens with the lens changes the focal length.
Has built-in self-charging. Camera for all its innovation quite easy to use. Perfect for beginners, children, Amateurs. And her design creativity will surprise even the most demanding customers.


Photos taken with the camera Flexer, are of high quality. The camera with very small size. But is perfection worth a lot of sleepless nights of the developers who worked for our good!
Life is very fast, but I want to remember every moment of it. Unfortunately, the human brain is not capable of, but we can capture the highlights in the photo. But we want to see the brightness of the photograph did not differ from the brightness of the moment, and it is only a high quality camera.


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