Environmental disaster for the Windows of the Russians

Say, somewhere in the Pacific ocean is the so-called huge garbage patch. Floating island of debris stretches across the Northern part of the ocean, past Hawaii, almost to Japan. By area, this "island" is larger than the area of the United States.

It may be scary, but not as much as it is quite far from us. Let them worry about the spot of the American continent, as the largest generator of plastic packaging.


Today I want to tell you about one small river, which flows in the Nizhny Novgorod region — the river Cova.

River is a tributary of another, slightly more — Rahma, which flows into all of us familiar with the Volga river.

Just my heart bleeds, when I look at this river! For decades the river was a place to discharge sewage in Nizhny Novgorod. Along the river there is the garage array, the "inhabitants" which has made this river the most authentic garbage pit. Any obstacles on the river formed a lot of plastic bottles.

Before the river was called stark. Despite all attempts by the authorities and some organizations to clean the river, it only brings temporary results.

Modern chemical analysis of this water gives the grounds to draw conclusions about the fact that the river has a unique ability to cleanse itself: the amount of dissolved oxygen is increased already by 4-5 points, oxidation becomes smaller, indicating the reduction of organic pollution. And the fish swims in these waters.

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