In Indonesia, the tourists found the man-tree

Incredible metamarfozy the nature does to protect their smaller brothers. One of these is mimicry is a property of animals and insects fit in the environment.

Hide tries and people, especially during the fighting. Come up with a variety of camouflage suits, masks, and even have projects that are completely invisible clothes. On the other hand, nature occasionally throws up more interesting ways of mimicry of man,...


Alternatively, you can just "pretend to be a tree." As the grandfather, a fisherman from a village near Jakarta. Huge warts incredible way deformed limbs of this man brushes his hands and feet now resemble tangled roots of a tropical plant.

Now the grandfather is not able to do your favorite craft, moreover, his wife left him and he has to raise two children. To feed his family, he had to get a job in a traveling circus, where he entertains the audience along with other victims of the terrible disease.


The tissue analysis of these entities shows that they were caused by the human papillomavirus, which can usually lead to the appearance of small warts on small areas of the patient's body.

European doctors, after examination, the grandfather, and promised to return him to normal in a few months. Most growths will need to destroy the freeze, the biggest will be surgically removed. Moreover, during treatment, the grandfather will get large doses of vitamin A that increases the body's resistance to papillomavirus infection.

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