Why the plane is the safest form of transport?

Maybe after you get acquainted with interesting aviation facts from this release, you will feel more confident in the plane.

1. Air transportation – the safest form of transport.

2. Every three seconds in the world landed the plane.


3. If the chance daily catastrophe was only 0.01%, this would mean that every day should be broken at least 12 aircraft.

4. Annually donkeys kill more people than airplanes.

5. To die under the wheels of the car, standing at the crosswalk waiting for the green light of a traffic light likely 10 times more than in a plane crash.

6. Before each takeoff, the plane goes through a comprehensive maintenance check.

7. The plane crash may not be accidental, it is a combination of many factors.

8. More than 80% of mankind is afraid to fly.


9. The scientific name of fear of flight and height — aerophobia.

10. The flight attendant fall in love more often than a woman who owns a different profession.


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