How to make the working day shorter?

Plan workflow. You should know what you need to do today, this week, and that will have to be responsible in the end of the month. This will allow You to delay the deadlines. If You have relaxed today, tomorrow need to strain. It is important not to overdo it, do not take on more than You can do in real time. There is nothing that beats the desire to work, as the hopelessness of the task itself.

Organize your work area. A minimum of extraneous things. For communication in social networks and through instant messengers do You have a lunch break if You are willing to sacrifice the ability to eat. Want to put on the table and within it order? Do it before the working day begins or after. Otherwise, You risk to get carried away and spend your precious time on absolutely useless things.

Do not be distracted by communication with colleagues. Those who want to chat, have different reasons not to fear for his place. Maybe they've already done all the work that needed to be fulfilled. Or maybe they are not so smart to tie is spent working hours and a complete lack of career growth. In General, You have them, roads are different. Start with the easy or familiar tasks — this will help You to wobble before something serious and not lose all desire in the beginning of the day. Don't let yourself think about the complexity of the job has not yet picked him up.

Don't forget about self-control. At the end of the day wrap up and make a blacklist that prevented. Whether it be passion for drink from the coffee machine or the relaxing of thought about the aesthetic benefits of stockings before tights on a cute girl.

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