What you need to know when buying tickets

It would seem, what can be easier than to buy a ticket. However, those people who often travel or are forced by profession to regularly visit other countries, I assure you that, at first glance a simple process, there are subtleties that can significantly reduce the cost of flights, and also make it more comfortable.

First, when buying tickets to Bulgaria, Georgia, Ukraine and many other countries, many passengers are not even aware of the fact that not all seats in the aircraft are equally safe and comfortable. For example, if you want absolutely free to get a little more legroom during the flight, choose a seat by an emergency exit.

In addition, seasoned travelers suggest buying a plane ticket with a type of jet engine (and such engine is equipped today almost all the Airbuses, they have to choose places closer to the head of transport. This is really good advice, because the tail of the aircraft in this case can be quite noisy.

I'm afraid of turbulence, that is, the specific shaking, which is particularly noticeable during takeoff and landing? Then you are best suited to those locations that are immediately behind the wings. However, there will have to go for a compromise to achieve maximum silence during the flight. If you buy tickets Kiev – Moscow, Kiev – Rome, Kiev – Paris or any other areas are faced with the fact that you are denied the choice of location – do not panic and do not worry. For some companies, this practice is quite normal. In this case, in order to get the best spot, you just need to try as soon as possible to register for the flight, because typically, "early" passengers, the stewards and stewardesses offer the best seats.

There is one rather important thing in regard to when is the best time to buy tickets for the upcoming flight. In fact, if you have the opportunity, then it should be done in advance. This is especially true for those situations where you want to go to the country on holidays and holidays. So, for example, tickets for dates of new year and or Christmas holidays usually start to buy another for 6 months until the New year and Christmas. Therefore, it is logical that for a month or two on sale on any flight seats available you can no longer provide.

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