Cars equipped with airbags for pedestrians

Pedestrians and drivers are, of course, are always at a disadvantage. Moreover, the supporters of the walk to a greater extent dependent on weather conditions, and so they still the way they need to give the hardworking drivers. Well, you never know what can happen.

But when, alas, it happens here "you never know", the situation is terrible. And if the driver most likely will save the "iron shield", which is also equipped with an air bag, the pedestrians will save only quick feet and reaction. These facts concern the developers of the company Vоlvo who have decided to eradicate such injustice. The company has equipped its cars with airbags for pedestrians.

Such a device Saab has added a new model Vоlvo V40, placing a pillow under the hood of a car. The machine has special sensors that react to a collision with a pedestrian. As a result of the accident, the airbag is inflated, lifting the hood over the engine. Thus, concealed the body and windshield, which is able to protect the pedestrian from many injuries.

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