The smartest fork on the planet, "but to become" food

On the famous portal Kickstаrter opened collecting money for mass production is incredibly smart plugs HАPIfork. As they say the founders of an interesting startup, in the 21st century the pace of life has increased dramatically, so people do not even notice that they make a meal very fast, losing the opportunity to "feel" it, not to mention the severe harm to health. Smart plug can rectify this situation.

The makers of HAPIfork announced the result of research by leading experts-neuroscientists who claim that our brain needs at least 20 minutes to feel full. That is why at fast eating, we are often stuffed and inflated belly before our body realizes that it's time to stop.
Smart plug is made in order to control the speed of making food. It measures the duration of lunch, fixes the time and the interval between portions. Plug all the data it receives from electronic sensors embedded within the structure. If a person will eat too quickly, it will give light and vibrate.

All information collected HАPIfork can be on your Iphone or Android smartphone, you just need to sync your fork with a phone Bluetоoth. Moreover, the information can be downloaded to a computer, as a plug, a connector for a USB cable.
If a startup gain by June 1, $ 100,000, already in the autumn of HАPIfork will go on sale at a price of 90 dollars apiece. As of the morning of 22 April, the unique gadget is already "scored" 37 thousand.

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