As to the tablet to connect a USB flash drive?

If your tablet has a USB port and runs on Windows, shouldn't be a problem: connecting the stick is exactly the same as in the case of a PC or laptop. But most tablets operate on Android OS, which work with flash drives comes in a different form.
When you connect the USB drive to the tablet based on Android we can meet so that the tablet cannot detect a USB flash drive. Usually you remove the problem by installing applications StickMоunt and a file Manager such as ES file Explorer (ES File Explоrer) that you can download for free in Gоogle Play.
Despite the fact that the app StickMount created Nеxus for tablets and Android 4.0, it will work on other tablets with Android 3.1 and above. You need to consider that to work you need a tablet with built-in Rоot-rights that allow you to create, copy and edit files in the system partition of the operating system. Installing two programs, you must connect the flash drive to the tablet. Let StickMount Root access.

If no Root access you can use the application Nеxus Media Importer, which you can download in Gоogle Play. However, it's not free, but costs not so much. First application was calculated for Nexus tablets, but may work with some other tablet models, the main requirement is Android OS version 4.0 and higher.

The most common alternatives to the standard USB port in such tablets uses port type mini USB or micro USB. In this case, included with the tablet is usually an OTG cable with which you can connect to the tablet as a USB drive. In fact, this cable is an adaptor: one end plugs into the port mini/micro USB in the tablet, and secondly, you can connect a thumb drive or another USB device.
If the cable included was not (which is unlikely) or just lost, it can be purchased in a computer store. I advise you to come at once with the tablet and memory stick, so you can test the cable on the spot. How to connect pendrive using OTG cable will not differ from connecting "directly", as described above.

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