The invisibility cloak becomes a reality

In Canada not so long ago appeared Quаntum Stealth technology, which, probably, in the near future will give the opportunity to "disappear" in broad daylight anyone. As the company Hypеrstealth Biotechnology announced that it has made a real cloak of invisibility.


Quantum Stealth technology allows you to create panels, which hide people and objects. They reproduce the surroundings, which is behind, visually merging with it. In addition, hidden, this way the object cannot be found using thermal and infrared devices.


According to the head of the company Hypеrstealth Biоtechnology, technology Quаntum Stealth can be used in the military. As the invisible soldiers — almost invincible soldier! For security purposes, the company Hypеrstealth Biоtechnology yet does not show Quantum Stealth in public. It is limited to a press release, which contains photos and videos of the use of its technology in business.

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