Released a new dietary Supplement that can overcome cancer

Experts have shown the world a new tool in the fight against cancer – a biologically active food additive, which lowers the risk of developing the disease and its activity. BUD has pomegranate, green tea, turmeric and broccoli. The volunteers that took the Supplement for some time, 65% reduction in the number of antigen that is characteristic of prostate cancer.

Inexpensive dietary Supplement created by British scientists from hospitals such as Bedford and Addenbrookes to reduce the likelihood of developing cancer.
The main ingredient remedies — herbal ingredients: pomegranate seeds, broccoli, green tea and turmeric. The test Bud was attended by 200 volunteers, patients with prostate cancer who took the Supplement 2 times a day. As a result, the researchers recorded a decline of 63% performance of the antigen, acting on the body with prostate cancer.
The drug, as it became known, received the name "The Pоlyphenol Rich Fоod Supplеment" (ROM-T), which means "a Dietary Supplement rich in polyphenols".

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