Three unique abandoned places in the world

1. Fort "Kаlavantin Durg"

This is one of the FORTS Panhalgad in the city of Kolhapur, near Mumbai, which is located on the height near kilometers. Steps to it is made straight into the rock, and the path is difficult and tortuous, so that climbing to the top will be mastered by only experienced travelers. The conquest of "Kаlavantin Durg" takes 3 hours, takes a lot of effort, but gives an indescribable aesthetic pleasure.

2. "The Pegasus"

This poetic name was long-haul C-120 company "Lоckheed", which crashed on 8 October 1970 year Pagacova Field — distant runway of a large Antarctic station "McMurdo".


3. FORTS Maunsell

This marine fortifications which are in the mouths of rivers Thames and Mersey, during the Second world war, defending the UK against threats from the North sea. 21 the tower has a gun, who was shot down during the war, more than 20 German planes and 30 cruise missiles.

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