How the pyramids were built. A new theory

Hundreds of thousands of slaves pulling massive blocks across the desert. After careful cutting and perfect fit and the stone is in its place in the pyramid. So the tutorials show the process of building the ancient Egyptian pyramids.

What if the Egyptians used a more simple, efficient method? Recent theory and research prove that people did blocks right on the place of cement mortar and other components. They poured the slurry in a form and after a while get a block with an ideal surface, which even did not need additional treatment. That's why everything was considered, we know about the construction of the Great Pyramids, may be incorrect.

The experiments carried out by Joseph Davidovica offers a more realistic view on how the pyramids were built. Pretty doubtful that the ancient Egyptians could cut and move huge blocks to build the pyramids. Davidowitz believes that they were formed of blocks of limestone and plant materials, which were abundant nearby. These blocks were made at the construction site of the pyramid, and then used for their construction. The hypothesis of Davidovica soon confirmed by studies using x-ray radiation, as well as data from the fields of chemistry and materials science.

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