Acid lake in Sicily: a terrible beauty

Sicilian acid lake is recognized as the most dangerous body of water on Earth. Around it You will not find a single plant, a single animal, even the birds are afraid to fly above the lead-gray waters of this lake. Of course, people here also have nothing to do, and the brave souls who want to get closer to the acidic lake, was in mortal danger. Well, if to lower the person in water, that You will observe about the following horrific scene: his skin begins to peel, the veins will burst, and after 10-20 seconds be only bloody bones. Not a pretty sight, isn't it?

But what is the reason for this risk of acidic lake? Experts found out that the whole point in a fairly high concentration of sulphuric acid, which in large quantities is released from underground sources. Found that human skin is subject to complete dissolution upon contact with sulfuric acid.

It is noteworthy that the acid reservoir is not the only deadly lake. Why should only the lake Nyos (Cameroon), located in the crater of the volcano.

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