The three best lakes for summer vacation

This release is for those who still haven't figured out where to go in the long-awaited summer vacation. For those who prefer the stormy waves of quiet calm smooth water. And for those who simply love great landscape photos.

        1. Baikal, Russia

Incredibly crystal clear and the deepest lake in the world, whose history is closely 10 million years. Naturally, this holiday is not for lovers of luxurious five star hotels and all-inclusive. Nevertheless, Baikal is gaining popularity both among Russian and foreign tourists.

        2. Como, Italy
To the North of Milan, near the Switzerland border, lake Como is the deepest lake of the European continent. The Alps are a barrier from the North winds, providing a very favorable climate. You can practice different water sports and rock climbing and horse riding.

        3. Tahoe, USA
Tahoe in winter is not covered with ice and it is considered one of the most clean and beautiful lakes of North America. The lake district – famous year-round resort. In winter, California residents come here to enjoy the skiing in the area of the lake is about 12 ski areas. And in the summer especially popular are water sports.

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