Its eco-friendly trap for the pesky mosquitoes

In the summer, when biting insects are most active, to do without the sprays and plates from mosquitoes is almost impossible, but they are not always effective. Innovative device Mostrap attract insects by using carbon dioxide and then mercilessly kills them with electric shock.

As known to science, a person attracts biting insects, in particular the release of carbon dioxide. Mostrap (short for “mosquitoe trap”) that was developed by an engineer named Vishakan Shivasubramaniam, works on the same principle, releasing into the air a fair share of the mixture of carbon dioxide and yeast. When a mosquito sits on the surface of the device, it strikes a death (of an insect) the discharge of electric current.

Not only the principle of action and appearance, Mostrap resembles a plant that eats insects, making it effective in combating mosquitoes and most attractive.

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