ime Trap – a short film about time travel and selfishness

We have on a nose a holiday, so why don't we take a break from the dry academic to news and not cheer yourself up by viewing a superb sci-Fi short film Time Trap from Director Michael Shanks?

What would you do if you were in the hands of a personal time machine? Would go back in time and killed Hitler? Went to save the dinosaurs? Rounded up to the future and came back with the cure for cancer? The main character of this film, such issues are in the head do not occur. He's selfish to the bone and uses the miracle machine exclusively for their own benefit.

Film Time Trap talks about a space traveler who due to unfortunate circumstances and his absentmindedness makes emergency landing on planet Earth. Since the story takes place in the distant future, of course, on our planet no longer has life. But this did not prevent the stranger to look into the past and mingle with the locals.

The jokes in this film are very cynical, and some points and does can be attributed to black humor. However, the Director has perfectly embodied all of this in visual terms, so watch the Time Trap – a pleasure.



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