10 short films in the style of "psychological horror"

Stylish horrorSdelayte request psychological sci-fi short films on YouTube - and it will give millions of results, divided into an amazing, futuristic and rather hackneyed Amateur advertising themes. Ten films that we offer you a different genre: a stylish psychological horror.

1. "Blinky" Written and directed the film - Ruayri Robinson.

Blinky - robotic assistant that can do anything but make the parents of a little boy not to fight he can not.

Blinky - is darkness. This film plays on the horrors of a broken child's mind and suppressed anger in a continuing conflict. The same effect has the movie "The Ring", where cold-haired girl chosen from the white noise of the TV.

Violence is more severe when it comes from innocence. "Blinky" - horror, of course, but very beautiful and quality made. Knock down only $ 48,000, Robinson created a fully animated, the Japanese pattern, realistic robot.

2. "Thresher»

"Grind" is a short film for several reasons, chief among them - it trёhaktnaya structure. Within seven minutes, "Thresher" provides installation, conflict and resolution. Maybe it's a template, but it's nice to see the finish in an environment where the avant-garde is the norm.

The film is made by Mike Diva, who created several music videos, as well as a series of videos on YouTube with enticing names "Dog Dance" and "I'm on crack". In these works certainly have the effect of entertainment and high-quality photography, yet his dancing dog and flying junkies look pretty ugly.

That is why the "Grind" is such a surprise. Sullen restrained atmosphere, flawless picture and sound is trembling at the knees, forcing screaming and jumping up and down. If you start watching this movie, you will definitely inspection it to the end.

3. "Relax»

This film without blood, without overt acts and terrible it is absolutely gut-wrenching. The six minute short film, which shows the world where the government exploit children, forcing them to harvest in the camps.

The plot revolves around a teenage girl. Visually, you can expect anything, but the horror comes from the sound. The film was shot on a minimal budget in only one room with "close the frame." In fact, the only thing you see is a girl - it's her eyes and the camera holds them until the sound of broken bones and torn flesh echoing in your ears.

Painting "Relax" is based on the novel by Neal Shusterman, and planned to turn the story into a feature film. A short film - the basis of future film.

4. "Abe»

When android begins to think about the meaning of life, it is better to flee. Like the story of "Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep" and "I, Robot", the painting "Abe" tells the story of what happens when the disappearing boundaries between programming and humanity.

Written and directed by Rob McClellan (Rob McLellan) had based his film work, "Love ... and all that stuff," which made for Colchester 48-hour film festival 2012. Abe monologue consisting of only a few lines, written by a very beautiful: it is both touching and chilling.

The eerily realistic animations combined with subtle drama, since Abe is suffering from a deep love. The robot can be programmed to love, but you can not force people to love him in return.

5. "Cargo»

"Load" allows you to take a fresh look at the zombie subgenre. Piercing scenario: newly bitten father must figure out how to restrain himself from killing his little daughter when he turns.

Directed by Ben Houling shorts and Yolanda were finalists Box Australian film festival Tropfest. It was filmed in one week, and the final assembly was done in ten days. In the film, no dialogue, instead - focus on camera work and music. It's seven minutes of continuous emotions.

Usually, the zombies are intended to provide a mirror to ourselves, showing the primitive human nature. The idea of ​​this film, "Man is stronger than the monster inside?" Although most of the stories about zombies grim potentially tragic concept takes us to the shining sphere of optimism.

6. "pettiness»

In the 90 to 10 years of age, you can spend at least one sleepless night because of the murderous entity that your imagination is constructed from the dim shadows bedrooms. The culprit - Stephen King and "It».

In the movie "petty" dancing clown staring at the younger generation of bloodshot eyes, and planted in them the seed koulrofobii. At King's "small-minded" was actually a creature from another dimension, which took the form of a clown, realizing the worst fears of the protagonist, because fear makes the taste of his food better. During the 30 years he spent the winter, and woke up only to feed the children (who are the easiest to kill), before falling asleep.

This short film completely ignores both the novel and the previous film, focusing on the banal kind of shocked by the terrible clown. But it works, because in spite of all the difficulties that we have successfully overcome, we are still afraid of clowns.

7. "The ideal drug»

"The ideal drug" - a strange mix of black comedy and sci-fi and surreal images in a remarkably coherent story about a man who accidentally drank something from a glowing bubble, which he stole from the pharmacy for his boss.

Film production Czar Films. Scriptwriter and director - Belgian Toon Aerts. "The ideal drug" is built on the idea that you can easily extend the modern cult film.

Visual design can compete with any large-scale production, and although a little nedotyagivayut computer special effects, the real effects will make you wince. Hallucinogenic images create the effect of the inside of the head of the protagonist. Madness is so palpable that you can squeeze it - and the juices run for fist.

8. "The Messenger»

Two men roamed the desolate desert, connected with each other via the breathing hose. Without this hose they would simply have died. "The Messenger" shows two inseparable lives. In it there is no explanation why they were together and why the air is toxic, but the film is not obliged to explain all this, its beauty is only in the framework of what is shown. But when one of the men begins to despair, we see what a person can go to survive.

"The Messenger" was created by Danish filmmaker filmmakers Raunkiaer Jens Christensen and Jonas Droterom Mouritsenom who met at film school and started to work on the short side projects in 2008.

Filming took only three days, but the post-production was stretched for the whole year. The makers have long tried to collect the scattered fragments into a single movie. The result was a grim post-apocalyptic setting with hints of spaghetti western influences and overvoltage 45 seconds, captured on film.

If you are viewing you stop breathing, you are not alone.

9. "Operator»

Sam Burnett, writer and director with a catalog of online short films, there is much more surreal and disturbing work than "Operator". However, this short film, according to Barnett, is very relevant.

Using only the clay and Lego, the film tells the story of switchboard operator named Bob, who worked for the Brazilian corporation when he was attacked by "biomechanical parasite" and climbed into the back of the neck Bob.

Being alone in the switchboard room, Bob has to deal with being out of your head and continue to do their work, instead of returning to his family.

"Operator" seems calm, but it is not. He is as terrible as any feature film. And even more than that.

10. "Paralyzed»

This short film about bloodthirsty faceless monsters and paralyzing fear. It is quite short, but holds enough intrigue and leaves little to the imagination that you covered the door, turn off the lights when.

He took off his "paralyzed" directed by Aaron Sims, who in 2005 founded his own company and has since continued to do animation, design, effects, and work on more than 60 feature films such as "Dawn of the Planet of the Apes" and "I - a legend". < br />
"Paralyzed" was his first and Best Director in a short sci-fi movie.

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